Kaapsche Hoop is surrounded by forests and open grass-veldt, interspersed with beautiful rock formations – sandstone carved by millennia of wind, rain and ice.   In this rejuvenating atmosphere you can go for short walks or long hikes and enjoy an area where wild horses roam free, the air is pure, the water is clear and sweet, the people friendly and the memories plenty.

To make your stay all the more memorable, there are horse trails ranging from 1½ hours to five-day bum killer slogs.  The ultimate is a moonlight ride.  An absolute must for the nature lover!  (Only available at full moon in clear weather.

To the nature lover, the flora of the area is a must to experience.  Small orchids hiding in the grass and rare plants found nestling in a crevice makes for exhilirating walks of discovery.

The bird life is a pleasure to behold.  The critically endangered blue swallow graces us with it’s presence during summer and large raptors nesting in trees make the weight of binoculars on a walk worthwhile.

Kaapsche Hoop has a very popular hiking trail managed and maintained by Komatiland Forests.  For more information, visit their website or enquire about it to us.  We will put you in touch with the right person.


By special consent, 4x4 excursions may be arranged.  These are not bone jarring and vehicle breaking trails, just a pleasurable drive around the escarpment to see things denied to many.





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