Being so high above the surrounding valleys, Kaapsche Hoop has a unique climate with wet misty summers and rather cold winters.  It is not known as Kaapsche Hoop for nothing.  The weather reminds you of being on top of Table Mountain.  In days gone by even the flora was the same….  Always bring a warm piece of clothing with.  Chances are you may not need it but if you do, it can be a shivering experience.


 Getting There

Kaapsche Hoop is situated 12km off the N4 towards Nelspruit.  Turn off at the SAPPI pulp mill and climb 728 meters while driving 12 km to the top of the mountain.  For those who do not know this, driving past Kaapsche Hoop is a short cut to Nelspruit, circumventing traffic and cutting a neat 18km off the trip.  The beautiful views are free.

Kaapsche Hoop   S25 35 26.8   E30 46 00.8   Elevation 1620 meters




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